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The World Seen From Rome
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A Picture of the Pope

Wed, 12/20/2017 - 11:30 PM
FEATURE: ‘Pope Francis, I Give You a Drawing’

Vatican’s Children’s Hospital and Civiltà Cattolica Respond to Pope’s Wish

Pope Francis Calls Curia to Adopt External View

Nations, the Particular Churches, the Oriental Churches, Ecumenical Dialogue, with Judaism, Islam, Other Religions

Vatican Employees Enjoy Time with the Pope

Christmas Gathering Includes Families

Pope Francis’ Address to Roman Curia

‘May this Christmas open our eyes so that we can abandon what is superfluous, false, malicious and sham, and to see what is essential, true, good and authentic’

Pope’s Morning Homily: Rise and Rejoice

Pope Also Reminds That Pessimism Is Not Christian

Holy See Supports Jerusalem’s Historical Status Quo

Holy City and ‘Spiritual Capital’ to Believers of Three Monotheistic Religions Must be Respected and Guaranteed

Pope’s Panettonis for Prisoners

350 Tasty Cakes Going to Rebibbia Prison